Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: What’s the difference between these two enterprise-level eCommerce platforms?

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Every year, more and more enterprises and enterprise-level businesses are becoming active on the Internet. So, the World Wide Web is no longer a marketplace where only small businesses can benefit from selling their products and services. With a good website, social media profile, email marketing campaign or other sales channel, enterprise-level businesses can benefit too. If you like to create an online store, the best idea is to use some of the well-established eCommerce platforms created with the requirements and needs of enterprises in mind. Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are two names that are among the top platforms of this type today.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an enterprise edition of Shopify eCommerce platform. This is a simple, yet powerful platform which allows users to build a fully functional online store without breaking the bank. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on web development agencies, you can create a modern store on the Internet at a low price. With Shopify Plus, it’s possible to allow users to finish the checkout without leaving your domain.

You will also get access to custom cart scripts. Without investing a dime, you will have a chance to use Avalara tax automation. Shopify Plus lets users integrate their online store with some of the most popular sales channels on the Internet like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram. Every registered user has priority support and a dedicated manager. What’s great is that you won’t have to pay transaction fees for third-party payment gateways. You can also expect lower card rates for their payment system. Users need just one Shopify Plus account in order to manage multiple stores. With Shopify Plus, you don’t have to worry about scalability or security.

Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise is another well-known brand in the field of enterprise-level eCommerce platforms. But, what makes this solution different from Shopify Plus is that you will need technical support from professional developers and you have to be prepared to pay to get more features although the basic solution has many built-in features.

It’s true that Magento Enterprise doesn’t have dedicated customer support, but it’s also true that this platform has a lively community where you can find answers to many of your questions. All in all, this is a good solution for enterprises, but the truth is that Shopify Plus provides more advantages.